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United Kingdom – Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Visa Programme

The UK Entrepreneur Visa Programme seeks to attract foreign individuals who will be entitled to obtain the Entrepreneur Visa in a period of approximately 3-6 months upon establishing a business with a minimum of £200,000 in the UK.

Investment Options

Initial Visa (3 year clearance investor visa). During this stage, you must invest the £200,000 in an approved business operating within the UK economy. Please note that the investment amount can be shared between two applicants applying at the same time who intend on investing in the same business or businesses.

Renewal after 3 years of obtaining UK residency (2 year visa extension application).

Obtaining permanent UK residency after 5 years (indefinite leave to remain). Please note that all permanent residency application clients must pass 2 approved English tests.

Program Benefits

The investor will be entitled to apply for a UK citizenship in the beginning of year 6.

Please Note:
The UK government has indicated that they may be closing the programme in 2018. If interested in the programme, be sure to request your free consultation today.

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