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Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

Cyprus – Investor

Citizenship by Investment Programme

Time to Citizenship

4-6 months

Residency Requirement


Visa-Free Travel

147 Countries


All Nationalities


Spouse & Dependents up to age 28

Dual Citizenship


The Cyprus citizenship by investment programme seeks to attract foreign individuals who will be entitled to obtain Cyprus citizenship by investment & passport in a period of approximately 4-6 months, upon purchasing real estate and making one of the following seven options.

Investment Options | Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

This option involves making mixed investments and a donation to a state fund. Citizenship By investment applicants must deposit €2 million for the purchase of shares and/or bonds of the State Investment Company and make a donation of at least €500,000 to the Research and Technology Fund

This option involves purchasing real estate in Cyprus. Citizenship by real estate applicants must invest a minimum of €2 million in real estate in Cyprus. Investors may choose multiple properties which total the required amount, with one of the properties declared as a personal residence (physical residence not required).

This option involves making a direct investment in Cyprus. Applicants must make an investment of at least €2 million.

This option involves making a combination investment in Cyprus. Applicants can make a combination of options 1, 2 and 3 amounting to at least €2 million.

This option involves business activities. Applicants choosing this option must be shareholders or beneficiary owners of a company, the management of which is in the Republic of Cyprus and the company has contributed at least €500,000 per annum, in the past three years to state funds (corporate tax, VAT, etc.).


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