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Antigua & Barbuda

Citizenship by Investment Programme

Time to Citizenship

3-6 months

Residency Requirement

5 days out of 5 years

Visa-Free & Visa-On-Arrival Travel

Over 150 Countries and Territories

Dual Citizenship



Spouse, Dependent children, siblings and parents can be included

Tax Consequences

No taxes on worldwide income

Language Requirement


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Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment
The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment programme from Elevay gives foreign individuals the opportunity to obtain citizenship and a second passport by making an investment in the country. The processing time is quick and Antiguan citizens can travel to over 150 countries and territories visa-free including the U.K, Schengen Zone and Hong Kong, following receipt of their passport.

Investment Criteria

Antigua & Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program was passed into law in 2014 as part of the Citizenship by Investment Act. It allows individuals and their families to legally obtain citizenship by investing in Antigua & Barbuda.

OPTION 1 – National Development Fund

Minimum Investment – $100,000
The National Development Fund (NDF) was established to promote economic growth and increase direct investment into the country. The NDF is used to help support development and infrastructure on the island and help provide a sustainable future for Antigua & Barbuda. Investors choosing this option are required to make a non-refundable payment of $100,000 for a family of up to 4 persons or $125,000 for a family of 5 or more.

OPTION 2 – Approved Real Estate Investment

Minimum Investment – $200,000
The Antiguan Government has approved a number of real estate projects, which range from villas and condos, to commercial developments and luxury resorts. A minimum investment of $400,000 USD is required into one of the CBI approved projects. Two related parties can make a joint investment of $200,000 USD each.

OPTION 3 – Business Establishment

Minimum Investment – $400,000
This option allows investors to receive citizenship following the investment of $1.5 million USD into an approved business in Antigua. Joint investment options are also available, where each investor is required to contribute at least $400,000 with a total of $5 million USD.

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Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Programme Benefits

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