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August 11, 2016

Elevay Noted for Quick Turnaround During Citizenship Via Investment Process

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Elevay Global

As a global industry leader when it comes to citizenship via investment, Elevay is known for helping clients to streamline the process, but also the company is renowned for eliminating long wait times. In fact, within as little as four months, Elevay can assist high net worth individuals to obtain a second passport. To illustrate this, one can look at the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme featured on the Elevay website. There, one will see that Elevay can process one’s application in as little as four months. From there, individuals would have the ability to enjoy travelling throughout The Commonwealth while simultaneously obtaining dual citizenship.

Elevay has been praised for assisting clients with paperwork, in some cases, dramatically helping to expedite the process. The Cyprus Investor Programme, also featured on the Elevay website, can assist investors who wish to obtain a direct path to citizenship within three months. Again, with this programme there is no obligation to relinquish one’s original nationality, and investors will gain access visa-free to 155 countries.

Recently, Elevay was the recipient of praise from a client with a business that required constant travel. This prominent businessman came to Elevay with the need for a second passport as he found that having to constantly apply for a travel visa took vital energy away from his work. He reported that Elevay went beyond the call of duty to provide him with a second passport with unprecedented speed and customer care.

Clients attest that the Elevay team works with both the speed and agility necessary to remain the industry leader when it comes to citizenship via investment opportunities.


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