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March 17, 2016

Elevay at Forefront of Citizenship by Investment Industry with Unique All-Encompassing Service

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Elevay Global

Elevay has reached the forefront of the global citizenship and residency planning industry by offering high net worth individuals a more fully developed experience. Even by definition, the French word Élevé means ‘to rise’ or ‘to elevate’ and this is emblematic of the way this company operates – by tailoring the service offered to each individual client.

With citizenship by investment opportunities in a range of countries that grant successful applicants, in many cases, access to more than 127 countries including 27 European countries and Canada, Elevay is more than competitive in the industry. The company is also highly regarded for its robust offering in the residency programme field as well. However, the services offered extend far beyond simply connecting applicants with the right steps for processing applications. Elevay specializes in custom immigration by investment solutions by assisting applicants in the entire process-from identifying which options will bring the most happiness to families, to providing applicants with advice on the most beneficial solutions in terms of diversifying and protecting wealth.

In today’s competitive market, Elevay stands out as a global leader. Wealthy individuals who work with the company are granted access to consultants at all times. While other companies may just offer an initial consultation, Elevay ensures that direct access to consultants is available during every step of the application process. This is a value add that offers tremendous peace of mind to applicants who find the answers to their questions are swift and advantageous.

As Elevay has developed partnerships with premier legal firms around the world, the company is able to offer assistance to those who need help with company formation-both offshore and onshore-business contracts, trademark registration, and other types of legal services.

Elevay specializes in helping wealthy individuals expand their freedom. This involves sharing both recommendations and reservations in order to ensure that applicants take advantage of the optimal programme for their individual needs. These types of opportunities are especially advantageous for professionals who travel because the hassle of applying for a visit visa in advance of each trip can be eliminated. Furthermore, in many cases, there is no need to land in the issuing country, allowing applicants to streamline their busy lives without the interruption of exploratory visits.

While the citizenship by investment industry may be experiencing a boom in growth, it is Elevay that stands out above other companies with its client centric focus, global connections, and commitment to assisting individuals in protecting and diversifying their wealth.


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