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2018-08 - August

In This Issue:

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Iranians No Longer Eligible for St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Posted by: Elevay Global

The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) has distributed a memo to inform authorized agents that they will no longer be accepting applications from nationals of Iran. Based on statements made in the memo, it appears as though the reasons for the change is the inability of the Citizenship Unit to conduct thorough due […]

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Citizenship by Investment Improves Your Lifestyle

How Citizenship by Investment Will Improve Your Lifestyle

Posted by: Elevay Global

It is possible that you have amassed a great deal of wealth and prosperity for yourself and your family. But that doesn’t mean that you are living the best possible life. You may still be suffering from travel restrictions, have limited educational opportunities or high taxes. Today’s investors are looking towards Citizenship by Investment Programmes […]

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Second Citizenship Feature

Why Wait Years for Your Second Citizenship

Posted by: Elevay Global

When it comes to obtaining a second citizenship, the traditional method has been to obtain residency in a country and wait for several years without any guarantee of eventual approval. Many factors come into play when you take the this approach as compared to the newer streamlined Citizenship by Investment process. Time to Second Citizenship […]

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