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July 30, 2017

Travel and Leisure Unveils List of 100 Best Hotels in the World

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Elevay Global

Source: Travel + Leisure - The Top 100 Hotels in the World

Travel and Leisure Magazine has long been regarded as the ultimate guide for travellers interested in premium experiences. If you happen to be jetting off soon for business or pleasure, you may want to reference their list of the 100 Best Hotels in the World.

Each year, the magazine asks their readers to write in and rate their travel experiences before piecing together this curated list. The list takes into consideration the beauty and elegance of hotel rooms, facilities, their locations and services, as well as dining options and overall value. There are remote destinations—like a luxury world-class resort on a remote Australian island—and more accessible accommodations, like those located in the middle of New York City. No matter what your travel style is, you’re sure to find something enticing on this list.

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