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June 15, 2014

Supersonic Luxury Travel

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Elevay Global

How do you feel about going to space?

Are you one of the 600 customers who have already paid $250,000 US dollars to join Richard Branson on the inaugural flight of the Virgin Galactic? These flights to space are scheduled to take off before the end of 2014.

It has been suggested to Virgin Galactic travellers that they undergo zero-gravity and G-force training to ensure that their time in space does not consist primarily of their struggling to adapt to the weightlessness of space. The two hour journey to space will consist of five to seven minutes of weightlessness and the opportunity to say that you’re one of a select group of humans to journey off the planet.

Perhaps you’re more interested in the ability to travel close to the speed of sound?

Not to fear, an American engineering firm, Spike Aerospace, is developing a 12-18 seat supersonic private jet for commercial use. The jet will be capable of flying from New York to London in half the time taken by current commercial flights. The entire trip would take under four hours, meaning you could make your Monday morning meeting in Manhattan and then connect with your business partners in London that very same afternoon. The developers say this type of aircraft could take off by 2018. ‘Luxury’ is not a term used loosely, as the jets are estimated to cost $80 million US.

If you never had the chance to travel aboard the Concorde, do not fear, supersonic luxury travel is still here.

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