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November 19, 2014

Second Citizenships are the Newest Form of Asset Protection

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Elevay Global

Many high net worth individuals have a second citizenship for the ease of business travel but beyond convenience, a second citizenship can act as a form of insurance. In this global climate of political uncertainty and extremist uprisings, it is important to properly protect assets. Should any kind of political turmoil arise, those with second citizenships would be able to leave their countries—and escape rising tensions—without having their assets seized.

High net worth individuals are also utilizing citizenship by investment as a form of proactive asset protection by obtaining second passports in countries that allow for tax savings.

Additionally, citizenship by investment allows high net worth individuals to identify relevant markets in which to invest. Varying jurisdictions offer numerous investment opportunities which may not otherwise be available to those without the means to take advantage of the opportunity to secure residency in an alternate country.

Far from just offering a vehicle for streamlined business travel, citizenship by investment provides high net worth individuals the opportunity to not only protect their wealth, but to increase it.

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