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May 19, 2014

Quebec – La Belle Province of Canada

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La belle province translates to The Beautiful Province and Quebec is full of natural beauty. The largest province in Canada is comprised of green forests, rolling hills and beautiful waterways. While the city of Montreal is a bustling hub full of commerce and a multicultural community, the province itself is home to approximately 8,028,400 people.

Montreal is known as the centre of the province’s commercial capital and the city has competitive industries in space and aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy, transportation and finance. The city is also known for software that has been used to create major motion pictures and for its role in the entertainment industry.

The province of Quebec is very rich in natural resources as well. The energy sector produces and sells large quantities of hydro-electricity to neighbouring provinces and the United States. The considerable agricultural industry comprises international exports that account for 20% of the province’s gross domestic product.

Though Quebec is the only province in Canada to have French as its official language, the majority of people speak English. The major universities, McGill University and Concordia University offer world-class education in both official languages.

Quebec is rich in culture. One can stroll the cobblestoned streets of old Quebec City, a UNESCO world heritage site, watch the National Ballet of Canada perform in Montreal or dine in exclusive restaurants lauded as the best in Canada.

The Quebec Investor Programme offers immigrants the unique opportunity to settle in Canada. Immigrants from over 100 countries arrive in Quebec each year, contributing to the multicultural character of the province and boosting the economy as valuable members of the business community.

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