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August 30, 2016

Portugal Residency Programme Features Extremely Fast Processing Time

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Elevay Global

Portugal is a popular destination right now for tourists and wine enthusiasts alike, but it is also a great investment for those wishing to obtain a second citizenship via residency programme. In fact, the speed of the process is renowned—one can obtain a second citizenship in as little as 45 business days.

Establishing a business in Portugal is not an arduous process as the country has established a National Trade & Investment Agency to help foreign investors streamline the process. Portugal Global Trade & Investment Agency helps foreign investors with everything from finding the ideal location for a business, to helping with incorporation. As long as one is a legal resident of Portugal, there are minimal restrictions on setting up a company.

Portugal has become a gateway to all major European cities and the United States, and thus is a prime location for those seeking to invest. The low cost of labour, convenient location, safety and family-centered culture ensure that Portugal is a prime location for those seeking to conduct business.

Lisbon, the famed capital of Portugal is one of the world’s most impressive historical cities but it is also surprisingly known as Western Europe’s least expensive capital. High net worth individuals seeking to utilize the Portugal Residency Programme are currently investing in real estate because property values are currently very reasonable. Portugal is not without its glamour, Estorial is home to Europe’s largest casino and a steady stream of tourists visit annually. Portugal is also known for its natural beauty, whether one is referring to the green mountains and vineyards of the North, or the more centrally located farmlands and medieval villages. The cobblestones and brightly coloured trolleys of Lisbon carry one back to carefree cafés and beautiful beach days.

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