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August 18, 2014

Portugal – So Much More Than a Place in the Sun

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As Portugal has become a gateway to all major European cities and the United States, it is a prime location for those seeking to invest. The low cost of labour, convenient location, safety and family-centered culture ensure that Portugal is a prime location for those seeking to invest, conduct business or live.

Lisbon, the famed capital of Portugal is one of the world’s most impressive historical cities but it is also surprisingly known as Western Europe’s least expensive capital. High net worth individuals seeking to utilize the Portugal Residency Programme are currently investing in real estate because property values are very reasonable. Of course Portugal is not without its glamour, Estorial is home to Europe’s largest casino and a steady stream of tourists visit annually. In fact, Portugal was named the best country to visit in 2014 by Condé Nast Traveler magazine and Rough Guides named it the 2014 Best Value Destination.

Lisbon is the closest European capital to the United States. The city is also just a 2-hour flight from most major European cities. The ease of international travel makes Portugal ideal for those who travel frequently for business. Climate-wise, the warm winters and breezy hot summers make Portugal an ideal destination throughout the year.

According to the European Safety Observatory, Lisbon is the safest European capital. Violent crime is practically non-existent. Those seeking to invest in the Portugal Residency Programme need only spend 7 days per year in the country and it is undoubtedly a safe place to bring the family—whether for a trip or to live permanently.

Portugal is an ideal place for those wishing to invest as the country has pro-active reforms, competitive operational costs and modern infrastructure. Portuguese culture is founded upon the importance of the family unit and many families in Portugal remain close with their extended family. English is widely spoken in Portugal, as well as French and Spanish, ensuring ease of business transactions and lack of language barriers. In recent times, the country has been making education an increased priority. With the rate of future business leaders expanding, Portugal is a great investment.

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