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January 28, 2016

Portrait of Tropical Luxury – Cyprus

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Elevay Global

Cyprus is a unique island at the crossroads of three continents. It’s the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Legend even suggests that Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure was born on the island. Undoubtedly, it is a place of great beauty.

Adventure seekers and celebrities now frequent the sandy shores. Luxury hotels make Cyprus a hot spot for diving holidays, hiking tours, and golf trips. In fact, Cyprus itself is visited by 2.5 million tourists each year, that’s roughly three-times larger than its population.

As the recent boom in tourism drives the local economy, investors are looking to take advantage of real estate options. Economically, Cyprus is enticing as the government is actively making strides to foster the development of its business sector.

Cyprus is a member of both the EU and the Eurozone and air travel connects Cyprus to Europe, Asia, and The Middle East. While Greek and Turkish are the main languages spoken in Cyprus, English is widely spoken. Residents enjoy freedom of religion as there are many faiths on the island, the Turkish-Cypriot community is largely Muslim.

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