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May 29, 2016

Protect Your Assets – Citizenship Via Investment

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Elevay Global

One might say that the true measure of wealth is not whether one can attain it, but whether one can preserve it. In a world that is ever shifting, the ultra wealthy are making moves to protect their assets. Citizenship via investment is one move that many are making.

Wealthy individuals with successors are often prone to worrying about whether the family will have the professional acumen to preserve what they have worked so diligently to create. Citizenship via investment offers unparalleled opportunity for children of the wealthy to attend the most prestigious educational institutions. For some, building the foundation for the preservation of wealth is critical; especially in cases where a family business will be passed along to the next generation.

Certain tax advantages brought forth by citizenship via investment also allow the wealthy to protect their assets. For example, if one were to obtain citizenship to Grenada, there is no tax on worldwide income. Not to mention, via Grenada, one could obtain citizenship in a period as short as four months in length. This is just one example, there are many options for citizenship via investment in a variety of optimal locations.

Citizenship via investment provides ease of mobility which can serve to protect wealth in times of trouble. In certain situations, the ability to travel without applying for a passport could be critical—one never knows whether a natural disaster, or even political unrest could disrupt a stable economy. Not to mention, if one were to lose their primary passport—or have it stolen—they would still have the ability to travel with their second passport.

While many struggle to amass assets, the wealthy are constantly trying to preserve what they already possess. Currently, the best means to preserve liquidity is through citizenship via investment—luckily, as the process gains popularity it becomes increasingly easier.

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