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July 14, 2015

Own a Piece of Paradise – The Point at Petite Calivigny in Grenada

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Some say Grenada is the most beautiful of the lush islands in the West Indies. On the shimmering southern coast is where you will find the beautiful boutique residential development The Point at Petite Calivigny. This gated community, which includes seven acres of lush land and access to a private marine facility and private beach, is an optimal place for investment. Those seeking citizenship by investment can take full advantage of the high-end private surroundings and spectacular year-round weather.

Not to mention, each residence located at The Point has been designed with luxury in mind, in addition to architectural style. For those who may not have time to make The Point their private residence, these lovely retreats can act as resorts. Each residence is protected by around the clock security and maintained by grounds keepers who ensure each place is pristine.

Privacy is of utmost importance at The Point. Each residence can take advantage of in-home catering and full service concierge. Attention toward preserving the natural beauty of the area ensures that each investor will be able to see lush palm trees and crisp ocean waves each time he visits. The luxurious lifestyle is guilt-free as this development was constructed utilizing eco-friendly building methodologies.

Grenada is known as ‘Spice Island’ because of the sprawling green plantations where they harvest spices like nutmeg, and savoury items like pimentos and lemongrass oil. Attractions include an array of hiking and diving tours, especially throughout the Etang National Park, and the lively carnival Grenada hosts in August.

For more information on investment options at The Point, contact Elevay about the newest and most exciting Citizenship by Investment opportunity – The Grenada Programme.

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