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April 28, 2015

Obtain a Second Passport Without Unnecessary Travel

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Elevay Global

As immigration by investment becomes common for business travellers who wish to avoid the nuisance of repeatedly applying for travel visas, many applicants are seeking programmes that allow them to avoid unnecessary travel. In other words, programmes that specify applicants need not set foot in the country in order to obtain a second passport are increasing in popularity. One does not always have the time to undergo a trip during the application process.

For example, citizenship programmes like that of Antigua & Barbuda allow individuals to obtain access to 131 countries without the need to ever land on the islands in order to obtain citizenship. Similarly, in order to obtain citizenship in Cyprus, applicants are only required to visit Cyprus once every seven years but will be granted visa-free access to 155 countries. This means, applicants are able to focus on the reason they’re in need of a second passport—their work.

It goes without saying that unhindered travel is a necessity for those with global business partners. Also appealing to high net worth individuals in need of second passports are countries that grant applicants advantages such as not paying personal income tax (for non-residents), like the Dominica Programme offers.

Of course, all of this is not to say that these individuals and their families will not enjoy future trips to the countries which grant them hassle-free travel, it can be quite fruitful to take advantage of the change of scenery, even for a short trip with your family, but there is nothing quite like the power to choose when and where to travel on your own terms.

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