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January 5, 2018

Malta Citizenship via Investment Programme Commits to Due Diligence and High Standards

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As the conveniences of obtaining a second citizenship drive demand for the service, countries offering the service are put under an increasingly focused microscope. Malta has announced its commitment toward ensuring that its investor programme remains one of the top-ranking citizenship via investment programmes in the world.

The country has announced measures will be put in place to ensure that structured risk assessment is combined with transparency and integrity. New measures will be taken utilizing technology to monitor the success of the program and to ensure that investors receive all the information required to ensure this is an investment that will payoff and increase the already esteemed reputation of the programme.

In addition to the knowledge that investors are protected by due diligence, they have the added advantage of obtaining the right to travel visa-free to 182 countries and territories with the Malta programme. As Malta is a member state of the European Union, one would have the ability to obtain the right to travel, live, work, and study visa-free anywhere in the European Union.

While recent news articles have noted that Malta is approaching its 1,800 investor programme application cap, it is highly likely that the programme will receive parliamentary renewal as the current government has a high level of support. However, those seeking to invest may wish to consider taking advantage of the programme as soon as possible in light of the cap.

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