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March 22, 2015

Invest in Your Children’s Career Prospects

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Elevay Global

Immigration by investment is an attractive option for many business travellers who want to avoid the inconvenience of applying for travel visas and, as many high net worth individuals are finding out, it is also an investment in your children’s future career prospects. In addition to basically unlimited educational opportunities, immigration by investment can build the foundation for students to grow into successful professionals.

Attending a world-class university is obviously educationally advantageous but, additionally, one cannot overlook the opportunity for students to develop international connections that may serve them well into their future careers. Prestigious institutions of higher learning are filled with peers who strive to constantly evolve and learn. Aside from peer connections, it is valuable for international students to obtain references from esteemed professors—all this is possible with immigration by investment.

The development of language skills is another attribute that will make your children more marketable upon the completion of their education. Investor programmes such as the one offered by St. Kitts and Nevis offer investors and their families access to 127 countries—including twenty-seven European countries and Canada—without the need to apply for a visit visa. This will result in the development of language skills and a broadened level of cultural knowledge which are both tremendously advantageous in the professional world.

In fact, it seems that in order to be globally marketable in high-power professions it is essential to have developed first-hand knowledge of global markets, cultures, and languages. In today’s world with the internet and fast-pace of technological development it is no longer enough to read about different markets—because we all have access to that type of information now—it is much more valuable to travel and experience the world, to make connections, and to increase your prospects of rising high in the professional world.

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