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August 26, 2015

Invest in Your Career – Citizenship via Investment

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With the speed of the flow of information in this Internet age, one would think travel for business would be less necessary than it was even a decade ago—but quite the opposite is true. In today’s globally connected business world, travel is even more integral than it ever was in order to ensure success in business. With so many products and services available on the global market, customization becomes key. The only way to make a product or service stand out among competitors, is to create a level of personalization that makes the client feel at home. You must create a sense of loyalty by establishing a bond and a level of familiarity. The same is true in terms of establishing connections with business partners—sure, you could speak over the phone, or chat via Skype, but you won’t develop the type of connection and level of loyalty established through in-person meetings. This is exactly why citizenship via investment is such a necessary type of investment in your career.

With a second citizenship, one can travel for business without wasting time applying for a visa in advance of each trip. With an investment in real estate—a truly worthwhile proposition on its own—one can be granted access to over 127 countries without the need to apply for a visit visa. In this way, a worthwhile personal investment becomes an investment in one’s professional life as well.

It’s worth noting that the application process has been streamlined to allow for the kind of ease one would expect. For example, many of these programs do not require one to even land in the country in which they are investing in order to reap the benefit of increased access. In some cases, the application may be processed in a matter of months.

Effortless travel will come with the added bonus of impressing business partners all over the world and creating connections solidified by the personal touch.

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