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July 15, 2014

Immigration by Investment Creates Unlimited Educational Opportunities for Your Children

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According to a report by Wealth-X, a firm that regularly produces reports on the world’s ultra wealthy population, nearly 90 percent of ultra high net worth individuals are married with an average of two children. From this perspective, it is no wonder that global citizenship is becoming an extremely popular tool for those who want to give their children the opportunity to pursue the best education globally attainable.

International education will provide your children with advanced educational opportunities while, simultaneously, deepening their exposure to other cultures and communities. In today’s globally connected business world, cultural awareness is critically important. This broadened perspective extends beyond customs and cultures as it includes political and economic awareness – enabling those who embark upon higher education in alternate countries the advantage of insight into how different governments operate under vastly different systems or processes.

Student exchange programs will not offer the same depth of engagement that your children will experience if you embark upon immigration by investment. While student exchange programs are great for those who want to experience the feeling of temporarily studying abroad, nothing compares to having the family unit embark upon a new adventure together. You will be there to guide your children through their education and toward their entrance into the professional world. Maintaining the family unit will ensure that your own customs and traditions are upheld in conjunction with your children developing advanced global perspectives.

When your children enter the professional world, they may follow in your footsteps and acquire a second citizenship. This would provide greater ease of mobility for business travel, effectively eliminating the nuisance of constantly having to apply for a travel Visa for each business trip.

Of course, it is important to note that citizenship by investment does not necessarily require that you relocate to another country. There are immigration by investment options that do not require that you live or spend time in the country through which you acquire your second citizenship—while other programmes require that you intend to make the country your permanent residence. Whatever choice you make, it is undeniable that you want your children to have the best education possible. Citizenship by investment will open many doors for both you and your family.

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