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October 21, 2014

Imagine Visa-Free Business Travel

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Elevay Global

Global business leaders know that it is possible to travel for business without wasting valuable time applying for a visa in advance of each trip. High net worth individuals are now simplifying their business travel by applying for a second residence or alternative citizenship. With an investment in real estate—a truly worthwhile proposition on its own—one can be granted access to over 127 countries without the need to apply for a visit visa. Simplified travel is the cornerstone of any business trip and a second residence or citizenship can dramatically ease the hardship that can come from obtaining a visa for each trip.

Many of these programs that grant ease-of-business-travel do not require one to even land in the country in which they are investing in order to reap the benefit of increased access. Furthermore, the process is not arduous. One can gain access to new markets and business opportunities with very few required documents—filling out a limited number of documents for the initial application will allow for business travel with greater speed and increased efficiency going forward. Even better, the application can be processed in a matter of months.

Residency and international investment are key components when it comes to business travel in today’s globally connected world. With the need for bureaucratic paperwork at the outset of each trip eradicated, crossing borders for business is much easier.

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