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March 22, 2015

Hungary – Where History and Modernity Shake Hands

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Hungary has a population of 10 million, with 1.7 million of those residents living in its capital Budapest. Indeed Budapest is an enchanting city, where new architecture and Baroque structures meet and ancient castles and fortresses stand, but it is also a bustling modern city. Outside of the capital, tourists and residents alike travel to Western Hungary, Eastern Hungary and The Great Plain to enjoy the spectacular nature and the country’s extraordinary number of natural thermal springs.

Hungary attracts those interested in sports, horseback riding, cycling, and hiking but it also boasts nearly two dozen wine regions with quality wines that have limited exposure on the international market.
Interestingly, Hungarians are credited with many modern innovations such as inventing the Biro ballpoint pen and the Rubik’s cube and, most importantly, for leading the world in the development of computer science. In fact, Hungary has one of the highest concentrations, per capita, of Nobel laureates with thirteen winners.

With many festivals and beautiful lakes, Hungary is a dream destination. Central Europe’s largest lake is located on the Southern Shore. Lake Balaton stretches 80 kilometers and covers an area almost 600-square-kilometers and is known as the “Hungarian Sea” because it is so big.

The country is strong economically with recent improvements in trade and investments. It is an environment that welcomes entrepreneurship, making Hungary an ideal investment.

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