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October 30, 2015

Grenada Programme Features Tax Advantages For Business Investors

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Elevay Global

Business investors are attracted to Grenada for the beautiful scenery but, perhaps more importantly, for the tax advantages one can enjoy—for instance, no tax on worldwide income.

As part of the Commonwealth, Grenada offers investors a stable political environment combined with a number of educational opportunities abroad for children of investors. As an added bonus, Grenada recognizes dual citizenship, meaning that investors can still retain their current citizenship.

Another feature of the Grenada Programme is the extremely fast processing time. With the proper investment, one can obtain citizenship and a passport in as little as four months.

For the busy businessman, Grenada is ideal as the programme does not require any physical residency, nor is a trip required during the application process.

Many interested in this programme are looking toward investing in boutique residential development, such as The Point at Petite Calivigny. This is a gated community featuring lush gardens, private marine facility and beach. While visiting Grenada is not required as part of the process, those investing in The Point might wish to escape to this private paradise for a luxurious getaway.

Learn more about the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program from Elevay here.

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