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June 26, 2015

Grenada – Paradise with a Second Passport Included

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Politically speaking, Grenada is stable and currently experiencing rapid growth. Just last month, in May of 2015, officials signed an agreement allowing citizens visa-free travel to countries of the European Union. Grenada’s foreign minister, even remarked in her speech about the safety and the beauty of the region. It has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations since 1974. During another recent summit, officials described it as a competitive investment destination. Those seeking to obtain citizenship by investment may also experience certain tax advantages as there is no tax on worldwide income. With English being the official language, Grenada is ideal for investors.

Grenada is known as ‘Spice Island’ because of the sprawling green plantations where they harvest spices like nutmeg, and savoury items like pimentos and lemongrass oil. Notably, even though the island has gained popularity in recent years, it is still a place that allows one the luxury of escaping to experience unspoilt scenery and lush palm trees.

There are option for travellers. For those who prefer to stay within the relaxing walls of a day spa, four-star resorts like the Laluna Hotel beckon travellers with their private pools and patios. Other attractions include the array of hiking and diving tours, especially throughout the Etang National Park, and the lively carnival Grenada hosts in August. Some call Grenada the most beautiful of the lush islands in the West Indies.

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