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March 31, 2017

Grenada Hosts Famed Spice Island Billfish Tournament

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While those who invest in a second citizenship via Grenada are not required to meet any residency stipulations, the lure of the great billfish might call. Grenada is home to the annual Spice Island Billfish Tournament and competitors and spectators alike come from neighbouring islands to partake each year in January.

The inaugural tournament took place in 1964 between friends and featured no more than ten boats. In recent years, tournaments have featured more than thirty-six boats carrying upwards of one hundred seventy-five anglers. A unique feature of the tournament is that competitors have a real opportunity to get a “Grand Slam” which happens when a boat captures three billfish species in a single day. Obviously, billfish are easily recognizable—marlin, sailfish, spearfish, and swordfish.

Grenada and its waters are sacred and in order to protect the need for conservation, most billfish are now released alive. Each boat is provided with a camera to document their catch and points are awarded based on species rather than size. Annually, bigger fish are weighed to test whether they can threaten the record. A recent impressive catch included a 669-pound blue marlin.

The event is one of the Caribbean’s best, showcasing the beauty of Grenada and its waters.

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