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November 30, 2017

Grenada Citizenship Via Investment – Numerous Advantages

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Elevay Global

With the new updates to the age of dependants, the Grenada Citizenship via Investment Programme offers many enticements for potential investors.

Processing time has been streamlined to as little as four months. Notably, with the Grenada visa one can travel freely to one hundred and forty-three countries.

Financially speaking, Grenada has no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, nor capital gains tax. This means that investors could take measures to protect and grow their wealth with this programme.

Advantageous for those who may not have the time for an exploratory visit, this programme does not include a physical residency requirement. Additionally, one is allowed to retain dual citizenship.

Physically, Grenada is paradise. Made up of three tropical islands, the state of Grenada was formerly colonized by the French and subsequently by the British. In terms of architecture and culture, there are still elegant traces of European influence. Known as ‘Spice Island’ Grenada is famous for the production of nutmeg. Visitors can take in the Nutmeg Processing Cooperative where tours are inexpensive yet fragrant.

The islands are surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters with towns perfect for exploring. There is a laid-back Caribbean vibe when one visits the quaint heritage buildings, shops, and cafes.

This is certainly a programme worthy of attention for any potential investor.

For more information on investment criteria visit: Elevay Grenada Citizenship via Investment.

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