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June 30, 2017

How Google Allows One to Tour Virtually Any Museum in the World

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Elevay Global

In the summer of 2016 Google launched its Arts & Culture app and opened the doors of over a thousand museums in 70 countries to people all over the world. Many are just discovering the multitude of features offered, including 360 degree virtual tours of famous museums and galleries. In addition to taking viewers on virtual tours of the museums and their collections, one can also visit wonders of the world, like the Taj Mahal, or search artwork by country.

One specifically unique feature offered by the app, is the ability to scan the evolution of a particular artist’s work. For example, one could search Vincent van Gogh and see how his art changed over the years in a virtual timeline. These works are displayed in various museums around the world, so this virtual timeline only exists online.

Another feature allows one to search colour tones used by an artist in his/her work. If you wanted to see how Monet used blue tones, you would click on the blue colour bar above the collection of his work and the app will show you paintings in which blue is the central colour.

If you’re headed to a museum in real life, the app will show you what exhibitions are on, hours, rates, addresses, and virtually anything else you want to know.

Lastly, in select galleries and museums you are able to hold your phone over a painting and the app will instantly recognize it and pull up relevant information about the work. This feature is called “Art Recognizer.”

In the meantime, if one is too busy to visit in person, this app allows you to explore the most famous museums in the world from anywhere in the world.

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