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February 25, 2015

Fast Times – The History of Ferrari

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At the tender age of twelve Enzo Ferrari knew he wanted to become a race car driver. Little did he imagine that he would, in fact, achieve his dream and then go on to build the Ferrari empire as we know it today.

At the age of twenty-two Ferrari started working as an Alfa Romeo driver, and he progressed to become the manager of the racing department.

In 1939 Ferrari set up his own company located where he was born in Modena, Italy. The very first car that Enzo built was the stylish Auto Avio Costruzioni 815, an exceptionally beautiful car in 1940—and also completely glamorous by today’s standards.

Few may realize that the famed symbol of Ferrari, the horse on its hind legs atop a golden shield, was a compilation of things. The horse itself was first used as a personal emblem by a highly accomplished Italian fighter pilot who flew during the First World War. The horse was painted on the fuselage of the plane. Following the war, the pilot’s parents offered the emblem to Ferrari who added his own spin by incorporating a yellow shield to represent his hometown of Modena, and then topping it with the Italian tricolour.

All Ferrari road and racing cars are equipped with the Dino engine. This V6 engine was named after Ferrari’s son Dino, who helped with the design.

Today, most Formula One enthusiasts credit German Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher with bringing Ferrari its current glory. Between 1994 and 2004, Schumacher raced Ferrari race cars to seven F1 championships.

Ferrari merchandise is now more popular than ever with everything from sneakers to cufflinks for sale in the online Ferrari store. Now, no matter how little money one has, it’s possible to own at least a small piece of Ferrari. But for those who have excessive amounts of money, there are rare models available like the Ferrari F50 created to celebrate a half-century of company success. They only built 349 F50s and they sold for $557,000 each. Last month, in January 2015 a red Ferrari Enzo sold for $3.288 million.

It’s safe to assume twelve year-old Ferrari accomplished his dreams and then some.

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