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February 28, 2016

Effortless Urban Style

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Elevay Global

It’s no secret that celebrities are taking urban street style to the next level lately, strolling around Manhattan or being chauffeured via Rolls Royce through the streets of Dubai in what one can only describe as elevated active wear. Men, as well as women, are embracing this sartorial choice with tailored blazers appropriate for both the office or late nights with jazz and gin. Perhaps no international retailer caters to the hip young professional crowd like Club Monaco.

While now headquartered in New York City’s Chelsea Gallery district and featuring shops in Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Paris, the formidable retail giant was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1985. Always known for featuring garments with exceptional quality and styling, Club Monaco has maintained, and some might argue, enhanced its reputation since being purchased by Polo Ralph Lauren.

The recent resurgence of the popularity of high-end casual wear has been a huge boost for the brand. Perhaps societal shifts are partially responsible for the boom in high-end clothing of a more casual nature; it’s widely known that companies like Google do not require employees to wear suit and tie to the office. Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is known for always wearing the same gray t-shirt with a hoodie. In fact, in January 2016 he announced his return to work by sharing a photo of his closet which was completely filled with gray t-shirts and he captioned the photo, ‘What should I wear?’

Whatever the reason, high-end casual wear is very on point right now and few global chains do it better than Club Monaco. Even their window displays are tantamount to the most gorgeous gallery display, whether they’re featuring delicate tea cups spray painted a shiny gold metallic, or happen to be filled with Asian paper umbrellas in bright pinks and blues suspended from the ceiling.

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