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June 26, 2015

Dubai Offers Variety of Unique Yoga Classes

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The popularity of yoga in Dubai, like most major cities in the world, has been skyrocketing. The mental and physical benefits of yoga are well-known but Dubai studios are upping the ante by offering a variety of creative options for those looking for more than just the traditional series of postures.

AcroYoga is a class intended to be performed with a partner. It blends yoga and acrobatics with Thai massage. The idea is that by working in pairs, participants will develop trust, understanding, and balance. The studio also holds private sessions in your home or office. A great team building activity for brave office mates!

Artistic Yoga, another studio in Dubai, is unique for offering the traditional poses and meditations but also incorporating cardio in the mix. These classes are also designed to include a variety of partner stretches.

Bikram, one of the more popular styles of yoga in North America, is also becoming more widely practiced in Dubai. Bikram is often referred to as hot yoga because students practice in a heated room. The sweat and heat helps to flush out toxins from the body and to reinvigorate the senses. Instructors say that once students master the art of overlooking the discomfort sometimes brought on by the heat, they will then be able to overlook stresses in daily life with the same calm mind.

Yogalates Bliss holds classes outdoors overlooking the Arabian Sea at the Fraser Suites Dubai. The classes combine yoga and pilates and world-renowned instructors from around the world are often brought in to inspire students and instructors alike.

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