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September 30, 2017

Dual Citizenship is Possible with Various Citizenship Via Investment Programmes

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Elevay Global

Citizenship via investment has exploded in popularity because of the numerous advantages it provides the investor. Of course, the ability to experience hassle-free travel is at the top of the list, along with the potential for significant tax advantages, and the increased ability to protect and expand one’s wealth. Aside from this, many programmes allow investors and their families to maintain current citizenship.

Are you a potential investor who is interested in maintaining dual citizenship for yourself and your family?

Locations which offer the ability to procure a second passport while maintaining dual citizenship include: Antigua & Barbuda, Cyprus, Grenada, Malta, and St. Lucia.

Significantly, as the popularity of citizenship via investment expands, programmes are forced to become more competitive in order to attract participants. As a direct result, many programmes have been lowering the required investment amounts. This is an important advantage for today’s investor.

Why do countries seek to attract investors? Many of the countries with streamlined and reputable programmes are boosting their own economic development by allocating the funds toward their real estate market, through creating local jobs, and aiding business development and tourism. While, in some cases, the investor is not even required to make an exploratory visit to the location where the investment funds are directed, he is still making a valuable contribution to the development of the area.

It is up to the investor whether he wishes to maintain current citizenship during the procurement of a second citizenship. A trusted team of residency and citizenship planners can help determine the most advantageous path.

For more on how you can obtain a second citizenship, visit the Elevay website.

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