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September 30, 2017

Dominica Citizenship via Investment Programme Lowers Fees

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Elevay Global

There has perhaps never been a better time for investors seeking to obtain a second citizenship through the Dominica Programme. In order to remain a competitive option for investors, the country has lowered the government fees associated with an investment in real estate substantially.

While a main applicant formerly had to pay $50,000 USD in government fees on top of their real estate investment in order to apply for a second citizenship, that fee has been lowered to $25,000 USD.

The fees associated with including family members via the application have similarly been decreased, which is excellent news for investors.

The fee for a main applicant applying with his spouse through an investment in real estate has been lowered from $70,000 USD to $35,000 USD. In fact, the main applicant is now able to include up to three dependants for $35,000 USD. Meaning, it will not cost more to include one’s spouse and two children.

For those with larger families, one can include up to five dependants for a fee of $50,000 USD, or up to six dependants for a fee of $70,000 USD.

Dominica is a paradise for tourists and those who appreciate natural beauty. In fact, some in the Caribbean have dubbed it “Nature Island” because of the lush rainforest and natural waterfalls. The programme has not only become less costly in terms of government fees, it has also become more streamlined. Foreign individuals are able to procure a second citizenship in as little as 6-9 months.
Additionally advantageous, there is no physical residency requirement and investors can take advantage of visa-free travel to 115 countries.

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