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September 16, 2014

Cyprus – Globally Connecting Innovative Investors

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Elevay Global

With the flourish of recent governmental initiatives to support and optimize the economy, it can be easy to forget how beautiful the climate of Cyprus is—the crystal clear waters and the welcoming ocean breeze. The hot summers are counterbalanced by beautiful mild winters, with spring and autumn comprised of short intervals in between. The selection of beautiful beaches attract millions of tourists each year. Many adventure seeking travellers are now visiting Cyprus on diving holidays in order to explore the vast ocean and tropical underwater surroundings of the island. The population of Cyprus is approximately 858,000.

Economically, Cyprus is enticing as the government is making strides to foster the development of its business sector. The government has been widely praised for adhering to the bailout program it agreed upon last year. Now, the government is also focused on bank reform and national health. Some are suggesting that Cyprus may become the new energy hub of the future as initiatives to produce liquefied natural gas are brought to the forefront with the aim of reducing dependency on Russian gas. In efforts to deepen a strategic partnership with the United States, the government of Cyprus is working in partnership with the US to secure support for these proposed energy designs.

Doing business is Cyprus is not difficult, as English is widely spoken. Residents enjoy freedom of religion as there are many faiths on the island, the Turkish-Cypriot community is largely Muslim.

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