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November 30, 2016

Procure Citizenship Via Investment without Relinquishing Your Current Citizenship

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Elevay Global

Many citizenship via investment programmes allow individuals to retain their current citizenship, meaning, high net worth individuals can enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship. The Individual Investor Programme in Malta, for example, allows one to obtain citizenship in as little as four months and comes with the perk of dual citizenship. Likewise, the Grenada Citizenship via Investment Programme allows families to retain current citizenship by offering dual citizenship, and free movement throughout the commonwealth. Other programmes, like the Cyprus Investor Programme, offer individuals the opportunity to access 155 countries visa-free, again, with the opportunity to maintain current nationality.

There are many reasons why it is advantageous to acquire dual citizenship. Investors can take advantage of the benefits and privileges offered by both countries. In many cases, they are enabled to work or study in both countries without the need for a work permit or visa. Additionally, enrollment in an institution of higher education does not come with higher tuition fee, as those with dual citizenship are able to pay the tuition cost that local residents would be charged, rather than the higher fees international students must pay.

Ease of travel seems an obvious point, but nonetheless significant. Freedom of movement cannot be overlooked in terms of optimizing lifestyle from both a personal and professional perspective.

Those with dual citizenship also have the ability to own land in multiple countries. This is notable as many countries restrict land ownership to citizens only, and those with dual citizenship are omitted from that rule because they’re able to own property in both countries.

Dual citizenship offers a multitude of advantages. From this perspective, it is obvious why so many investors are taking advantage of citizenship via investment.

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