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June 15, 2014

How an Alternate Passport Can Protect Your Family

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Elevay Global

If you are considering citizenship by investment you’re likely a person of power. Someone who rises to a challenge but who strategically plans for the future. You want to expand your freedom. Perhaps at the same time expanding your circle of business connections. In some cases, the process can also be an investment to protect yourself and your family from future political turmoil.

Of course, political turmoil may seem distant, but should unforeseen incidents arise, citizenship by investment will offer you a safety blanket. The global reality is that civil unrest or terrorism can strike at any time. According to a study by Wealth-X, an agency designed to generate reports on the world’s wealthiest individuals, almost 60% of those seeking immigration by investment are from the Middle East. Since the political instability arising from the Arab Spring, high net worth individuals from countries like Lebanon, Egypt and Syria have been obtaining second citizenships as a way to protect their families.

Whether the relocation is temporary or permanent, citizenship by investment offers you the reassurance that you have a safe place for your family—should you ever need one.

Not to mention, you will also be allotted the freedom to travel for business purposes, in turn, protecting your family by ensuring you maintain strong ties to your global business connections.

Of course, you may never have to worry about political instability but a second passport can also provide opportunity for your children to have access to prestigious educational opportunities combined with the development of language skills that will someday enhance their career opportunities, no matter where they choose to live in the future.

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