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July 30, 2018

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program Set to Launch in October

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The government of Montenegro has officially approved the launch of the Citizenship by Investment Program. This programme will grant citizenship to Montenegro in return for an investment in the country. The program will begin accepting applicants on October 1, 2018. The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program will be available for up to 2,000 applicants from non-EU countries over the next three years. In addition, processing time will be quick, with full citizenship given in a period of 6 months.

How to Qualify for the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

Interested applicants can choose from one of the following two options:

  • €250,000 investment in a government approved project in an under developed region of Montenegro
  • €450,000 investment in a government approved project in a developed region of Montenegro

In addition, the investor is required to contribute an additional €100,000 which will be placed in a government fund used for developing under developed regions of the country.

About Montenegro

Montenegro is located in the Balkan region in Eastern Europe which additionally is one of the fastest growing economies in the region. Although not a member of the European Union, the country is actively pursuing membership. Montenegro has visa-free travel agreements with 125 countries, most noteworthy being the Schengen member countries, Russia, Turkey and Brazil.

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