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July 30, 2016


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Dominica is sometimes called a nature lover’s paradise because of the rainforest, the plentiful waterfalls, volcanic peaks, and underwater champagne springs. Tourism is popular in Dominica because it is home to the world’s second largest boiling lake—Morne Trois National Park. Visitors from all over the world photograph the Boiling Lake which is constantly enveloped in a cloud of vapour and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dominica, located in the Eastern Caribbean between the French Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, has an agriculture-based economy. Most residents speak English, otherwise French and Antillean Creole are commonly spoken. Dominica gained political independence from Great Britain in 1978.

Investors are interested in land because of the increasing popularity of tourism in Dominica. More specifically, the recent interest in adventure projects and boutique hotels in the area has captured attention from investors. Also, from the manufacturing perspective, the government of Dominica has increased its focus on attracting investments in manufacturing in order to expand its agricultural activities, and agro-processing.

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