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December 31, 2016

Citizenship Via Investment Popular Option in 2017

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Elevay Global

Whether one wants to secure the best education for his family, or have another avenue to grow and maintain wealth, citizenship via investment is an increasingly popular avenue. With the New Year fast approaching, many high net worth individuals are exploring their options.

The educational opportunities unlocked by having the ability to travel without restriction are boundless. If one wants to ensure that his son or daughter attends the best universities in the world, an investment in citizenship can be a fast and efficient way to ensure it is possible.

Another reason this service is gaining such steam heading into 2017 is ease of travel for business. Those who procure a second citizenship can travel for meetings and networking without the hassle of applying for a travel visa.

High net worth individuals seeking to invest in real estate are also taking advantage of this service. With an investment in real estate one can grow wealth, procure the opportunity to retain original citizenship, and in some cases, include family members in the application. For example, the Cyprus Citizenship via Investment Programme allows one to include his spouse, dependants up to age twenty-eight, and parents in the application. The only stipulation is that the parents must purchase a residential property with a value of at least $500,000 Euros.

As the New Year approaches, strategic movers and shakers will be planning their next conquests, many with an eye toward the travel, opportunity, and excitement that a second citizenship will ensure.

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