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March 27, 2018

Imagine A Better Life. In Ireland.

Ireland Immigrant Investor Program Offers Permanent Residency Plus a Clear Path To Irish Citizenship.

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Ireland truly is a country unlike any other. It is known throughout the world for its beautiful natural landscapes and unique culture. But in recent years, Ireland has become globally recognized as a welcoming destination for international investors and business professionals. This is in part due to the low corporate tax rate which has attracted a large share of the world’s leading multinational companies to locate their headquarters to Ireland-Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Pfizer all maintain thriving corporate hubs there.

With this flurry of economic activity, there couldn’t be a better time to invest in Ireland. In fact, the country has been ranked in the world’s top two most attractive countries for Foreign Direct Investment and has posted the highest year-over-year economic growth rates in Europe. In the past, one would have had to navigate a complicated immigration process to gain access to this climate of economic opportunity. But now, the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program offers a simpler process to obtain permanent residency with a clear path toward Irish citizenship.

The prestigious Irish Diaspora Loan Fund (IDLF) has entered into an exclusive partnership with Dubai-based Elevay (, one of the leading citizenship by investment consulting firms in the Middle East, to offer this exciting new program that allows investors to obtain permanent residency status, and for those who actually choose to reside in Ireland, eligibility for citizenship in just over five years.

How does the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program work?

First off, Elevay will assist clients to complete their application to the program. The application is then submitted to the Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Section (INIS). They will provide provisional approval, based on fulfillment of the required investment in the IDLF. After which, final approval is granted and a permanent residency permit is issued.

Benefits of Ireland Immigrant Investor Program

The effort involved in maintaining this permanent residency status is minimal, requiring only one visit to Ireland per year. If investors wish to immigrate to Ireland-taking advantage of the climate of economic growth, peaceful, secure environment and outstanding educational opportunities for their children – investors can apply for citizenship after being physical residents of Ireland for the twelve consecutive months and four of the preceding eight years prior to applying for citizenship.

Ireland Educational Opportunities

Among other benefits, investors under the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program have the opportunity to study at some of the world’s best Universities. Pictured above is Trinity College Dublin which is ranked among the World’s top 100 Universities.

Why is this such an attractive opportunity? The benefits are numerous. The IDLF is a low-risk fund which requires lower cost, asset-secured financing to the Irish 4 and 5-star hotel sector. The investor commits to €1 million for a 5-year term, and the investment is returned in full after the five years are up. This investment is minimal compared to the advantages it yields. Permanent residency in Ireland provides the opportunity for the investor and their family to live, work, start a business and study in Ireland. In fact, investors may also apply for a discount on their investment which may be used towards education expenses at an Irish University.

Benefits of Irish Citizenship

Furthermore, those that apply for citizenship, will enjoy visa-free travel to 158 countries and territories with an Irish passport. Citizenship in Ireland, an EU member nation, provides the opportunity to live, work, and start a business in any of the other EU member nations. European citizens can also access first-class EU health care. Not to mention, the European Union has some of the world’s best universities and schools, which citizens can attend for free, or with reduced tuition rates, depending on the institution.

Ireland Citizenship

For those who take up residence in Ireland under the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program, there is a clear path to citizenship.

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