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August 14, 2018

How Citizenship by Investment Will Improve Your Lifestyle

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It is possible that you have amassed a great deal of wealth and prosperity for yourself and your family. But that doesn’t mean that you are living the best possible life. You may still be suffering from travel restrictions, have limited educational opportunities or high taxes. Today’s investors are looking towards Citizenship by Investment Programmes as a method of improving these areas of their lives. While most investments are done with the goal of receiving future financial rewards, Citizenship by Investment programmes have the added benefit of enhancing your lifestyle.

Those who want to explore the advantages and perks of obtaining a second citizenship, must first connect with a reputable company, one with years of experience in the field of CBI, such as Elevay. The Dubai-based international organization is dedicated toward helping clients connect with the world on their own terms, secure their children’s future, diversify their investments, and conserve and grow their wealth.

Citizenship by Investment Benefits the Whole Family

Lifestyle-wise CBI will enhance opportunities for your entire family. First off, many programmes allow applicants to include dependents. In many cases, you can include both your dependent children and parents in the application. This means that your family will receive all of the benefits of a second citizenship.

Right to Live

The most obvious benefit of a second citizenship is the right to live in that country. Or in the case of European Citizenship programs, the right to live in any country in the European Union. When you consider the countries that offer citizenship by investment programs – Cyprus and Malta on the Mediterannean and St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica and Grenada in the Caribbean – the right to live in any of these beautiful countries will certainly enhance your life.

Visa-free Travel

Second to the right to live, is the most talked about benefit of citizenship by investment – the ability to travel visa-free. Imagine if you never had to apply for a travel visa in advance of a business trip or vacation. From a lifestyle perspective, you won’t be wasting time with complicated travel and work visa applications, allowing you to have more time for the things that truly matter. For example, investors who choose Maltese citizenship for themselves and their family will have access to 152 countries visa-free including all of the European Union.

Ease of travel with Citizenship by Investment

A second passport gained through citizenship by investment will greatly reduce the hassle of applying for travel visas


The available healthcare options are an important consideration when evaluating citizenship by investment. Once you become a citizen of a country, you will have access to the advanced healthcare options in that country. This is especially important if you have dependents whom may have health issues as part of your application.


Much like healthcare, once you become a citizen, you are able to access the education opportunities in your new country. In today’s globally connected world, those entering a corporate environment will need advanced skills. Having the ability to study and commit to academic research at some of the best schools in the world will greatly benefit your children.

Asset Protection

As family is top-priority for many successful individuals, it is also important to remember that asset protection is another key advantage of CBI. Many programmes allow investors to maintain dual citizenship. This means that you’ll have the peace of mind that accompanies the knowledge that should unforeseen events occur, you’ll have the ability to transfer and protect your assets.

Tax Advantages

There will also be certain tax advantages. Depending on which programme you select, there could be many advantages to preserve and grow your wealth. For example, Grenada has no tax on foreign income, wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains.

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When you list the diverse lifestyle advantages that accompany CBI, it’s hard to find a reason not to connect with a company that can set you on the right path immediately. Whether you want to relocate, or stay right where you are, a second citizenship will greatly enhance your current lifestyle. To get more information on obtaining a second citizenship be sure to request your free, no-obligation consultation today.

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