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August 15, 2017

Your Guide To Obtaining A Second Nationality Through UAE-Based Companies

Elevay receives mention in the Forbes Middle East Guide.

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Elevay Global

Source: Forbes Middle East - Your Guide to Obtaining A Second Nationality Through UAE-Based Companies

A recent article from Forbes Middle East gives a brief guide to the Second Citizenship industry that has gained popularity in the Middle East.

Companies specializing in fast-tracking the process of obtaining a second nationality have been popping up across the UAE These firms exist around the globe, but Dubai has become a hub for the growing industry.

It goes on to mention some of the many benefits of second citizenships including the ability to travel with ease:

A second nationality offers plenty of benefits. For one, many passports from the Middle East are notoriously hard to travel on outside of the region, requiring holders to obtain visas far in advance. Getting a passport from the likes of Cyprus allows one to enter the EU or the UK without a visa.

To read the full article, please click the link below and look out for a nice mention of Elevay:

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