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February 28, 2018

How Can You Ensure Your Children will be able to Succeed In Today’s Globally Competitive World?

Citizenship by investment programs can provide a wealth of educational opportunities.

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We are living in a globally connected world where knowledge sharing and collaboration have been made quicker and easier than ever before. But that doesn’t negate the fact that those who cultivate a network of valuable connections and a top-tier educational experience have the best chance at success in life. If you had the ability to provide your children with the best academic background attainable, why wouldn’t you?

More and more, Citizenship and Residency by Investment programs are the avenues that high net worth individuals are choosing to provide these vital educational opportunities to their children. First, these programs offer individuals and their dependents the opportunity to live, work, travel, and study in the chosen country. Meaning, if you are interested in citizenship/residency by investment, your children could have access to some of the best schools in the world. This will ensure that when they’re ready to enter the workforce, they will have the best education available.

Available programs such as the UK Tier 1 Visa Program and Ireland Immigrant Investor Program allow investors and their families to attend schools in those countries. Beyond having excellent primary and secondary school systems, the two countries are home to some of the best universities in the world, including the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London and Trinity College Dublin to name a few. In fact, these programs in many cases offer reduced tuition rates. The Ireland program for instance, has an incentive which reduces the investment required by up to €50,000 if that money is used for education expenses.

Educational Opportunities in Ireland

Trinity College is world renowned, and with the incentives available to investors in the Irish Immigrant Investor Program, the educational opportunities are incredible.

Additionally, one cannot overlook the opportunity for international students to develop connections with other students who are equally dedicated and driven towards success in their future careers. It is also valuable for students to obtain references from esteemed, world-renowned professors, which one will have access to when attending highly ranked educational institutions.

The advanced educational opportunities you can provide your children with through immigration programs will also deepen their exposure to other cultures and communities. In today’s globally connected business world, cultural awareness is critically important. This broadened perspective extends beyond customs and cultures as it includes political and economic awareness-enabling those who embark upon higher education in alternate countries the advantage of insight into how different governments and businesses operate under vastly different laws and regulations.

The importance of providing the next generation with key skills extends into the realm of protecting one’s own legacy. It is not surprising that high net worth individuals feel the need to protect their wealth. Part of this process involves ensuring that the next generation is able to step in and take charge of finances or businesses that have been built and cultivated for many years. This is why many investors view citizenship/residency programs as not only an investment in their children’s career prospects, but as an avenue toward protecting their own assets.

Lastly, the opportunity to develop language skills is another valuable asset when it comes to providing your children with unlimited global opportunities. Many of the countries which provide Citizenship or Residency by Investment have English as their official language. In fact, nearly a quarter of the world speaks English and many multinational companies have adopted the language to facilitate global business. Studying abroad will allow your children to develop these key communication skills, as only can be done by immersing oneself in another culture.

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In addition to all the advantages these types of programs can offer the children of investors, the advantages for the investors themselves are numerous. Prospective investors should connect with a company such as Elevay in order to explore options that are tailored to their individual needs and the opportunities they wish to provide for their families.

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