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Company Formation

We have extensive experience in company formation in the United Arab Emirates. The process in the UAE tends to be quite different than what you would expect in many other countries worldwide. Exclusively to the UAE, Elevay presents the following two options:

Establishing a Free Zone Company to including the following types of licences issued by the Free Zone authorities, which can be owned 100% by a foreign investor with no involvement of a local partner or sponsor:

  • Trading Licence
  • Industrial Licence
  • Service Licence
  • National Industrial Licence

Establishing a Department of Economic Development (DED) company in the UAE, to obtain one of the following business licences:

  • Commercial licences covering all kinds of trading activities
  • Professional licences covering professions, services, craftsmen and artisans
  • Industrial licences for establishing industrial or manufacturing activities

Rest assured that with our direct access to Government Departments and Ministries and Links Professional Document Solutions (LPDS) we can drastically streamline your business and set up its ongoing administration. Some of the desirable benefits of establishing a Free Zone company in the UAE include:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • No Corporate Taxation for 50 years
  • Freedom to repatriate Capital and Income
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • Full Exemption from Import Duties
  • No Currency Restrictions

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We are company formation specialists and can offer you different options depending on where you need your company established and your current situation and preferences. We have dedicated experts to help guide you throughout every stage of the company formation process including but not limited to:

Services Offered
Translation of documents
Door to door (VIP) attestation of foreign documents (in certain countries)
Assistance in applying for investor and staff residence visas
Extension of visit visas
Licences and registration
Required medical reports
Form completions and more

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