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We are seeking to develop meaningful partnerships with a small group of firms whose clientele consists primarily of high net worth individuals with an international perspective.

If you are an Investment Banker, Wealth Manager, Personal Financial Advisor, or Lawyer we can help you expand your service offering to include Citizenship or Residency by Investment services based on a strategic relationship with Elevay.

We have an extremely flexible approach to crafting the terms and conditions of these relationships so that they are effective, efficient and mutually beneficial.

To initiate a discussion to explore the possibilities, please send an email explaining what you have in mind to: partnerships@elevay.com

Thank you and we look forward to working together.

Partnership Advantages
Being able to enhance your service offering by providing citizenship and residency by investment programs to your clientele.
Being able to share in the incremental revenues possible from such a partnership.
Being able to transition the relationship with your clients from a strictly business to a more long-lasting personal one and enjoying the many referrals this kind of relationship can generate.

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