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About Us

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Our name is inspired by the French word Élevé, meaning ‘to rise’ or ‘to elevate’. We are a company dedicated to helping elevate our clients; to connect with the world on their own terms, secure their children’s future, diversify their investments and conserve their wealth.

What do we do?

We are Residency and Citizenship Advisors committed to expanding your freedom.

We are a Dubai-based international organization that has 15+ years of experience in navigating the complex citizenship and residency by investment process on behalf of hundreds of highly satisfied clients.

We help people to achieve the freedom that they dream of by unlocking the doors to a life with fewer boundaries and more of the kind of opportunities that can sometimes only come with the right citizenship and passport.

But this isn’t all we do, through our many years of helping people get where they want to be, we have also expanded our services and the countries in which we work. By doing this we are now even more capable of delivering on our promise of providing a world class, reliable service to more people than ever before.

Why are we good at we do?

Our Values

As experts in our field, we understand what it takes to get things done and we know that nothing less than a first class, transparent service will do. It’s why we provide you with your very own dedicated Consultant. This means that when you receive a call from us it’s not to tell you about a problem, it’s to tell you how we’ve already solved it.

And when we say dedicated, we mean dedicated, it’s why our clients remain our clients for years not weeks because we help them solve a diverse range of problems. We do this by having a genuine passion for helping people; we aren’t just about numbers and figures. From start to finish we will remove barriers, deliver where others can’t and guide you every step of the way.

We give clients direct access to their consultant at all times. We prioritize their needs over our bottom line. We offer our clients a plan that is all encompassing because we foresee what they have yet to think of.

It goes without saying that we are passionate about the power of what we do, the services we provide, the products we offer and the people we help. We are personally invested in our client’s welfare and therefore only put forth plans that we fervently believe will contribute to their success.

We are honest and straightforward with our clients, even when it feels uncomfortable. When offering advice, we share not only our recommendations but also our reservations. We handle our client’s matters with the upmost confidentiality and discretion.

Services Offered
Citizenship by Investment (Economic Citizenship)
Real Estate
Company Formation
Legal Services
Hotel and Condominium Development Marketing
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