Real Estate


The purchase of real estate is a necessary step in obtaining your residency or citizenship in many of the programmes we offer. That’s why we have dedicated teams on the ground, to source, assess and select the best property for you. Our commitment to researching and understanding real estate markets across the world means we are always best placed to advise you on your best real estate options depending on your programme of interest. Check out the various countries where you can invest in real estate for citizenship or residency purposes below.


Given our extensive experience in, and understanding of real estate markets, we also offer Real Estate properties across many countries globally purely for the purpose of investment. Real estate has always been a low risk, high yield investment option for millions of people worldwide. Knowing when, where and how to go about investing in various properties is the key to a successful investment. To learn more about the developers we work with and the different real estate properties we offer, please contact us.