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St. Lucia

Citizenship by Investment Programme

Time to Citizenship

3 Months

Residency Requirement


Visa-Free and Visa-on-Arrival

123 Countries & Territories


All Nationalities


Spouse and qualifying dependents may be included

Tax Consequences

No tax for non-residents

Dual Citizenship


Exit Strategy

5 Years

By learning from the experience of its Caribbean neighbors, St. Lucia has created a citizenship by investment program that offers investors a mix of efficiency and benefits that cannot be matched in the Caribbean. In December 2016, the Government made certain amendments to the regulations to make the programme more economical and more competitive. The St. Lucia programme now represents the best value in the Caribbean, especially for the individual.

Investment Options

The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program allows foreign individuals to obtain citizenship & passport through one of four options. The minimum amounts are based on a single applicant and will vary based on the size of family. The financial criteria for each is as follows:

Investors may make a contribution to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund in one of the following levels of contribution:

OPTION 2 – Coming Soon
A minimum investment of $300,000 USD into an approved real estate project. The purchased property must be owned and
maintained for 5 years.

A minimum investment of $500,000 into Saint Lucia Government bonds. The bonds must be held for 5 years.

A minimum investment of $3.5 million USD into an approved enterprise project which creates at least 3 jobs.

St. Lucia Citizenship Programme Benefits

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