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Our name is inspired by the French word Élevé, meaning ‘to rise’ or ‘to elevate’. We are a company dedicated to helping elevate our clients, their careers and their family’s potential.

Elevay is a citizenship and residency planning service that specializes in custom, immigration-by-investment solutions.

We assist our clients to expand their personal and financial freedom; to connect with the world on their own terms, secure their children’s future, diversify their investments and conserve their wealth.

Elevay ensures that every client receives the “white glove treatment.”


To expand your freedoms to include:

  • The freedom to redefine your success and fulfill your potential.
  • The freedom to give your family security, safety and a brighter future.
  • The freedom to connect with the world and its citizens on your own terms.
  • The freedom to find happiness and a new found hope in life’s possibilities.


  • We give clients direct access to their consultant at all times. We prioritize their needs over our bottom line. We offer our clients a plan that is all encompassing because we foresee what they have yet to think of.

  • It goes without saying that we are passionate about the power of what we do, the services we provide, the products we offer and the people we help. We are personally invested in our client’s welfare and therefore only put forth plans that we fervently believe will contribute to their success.

  • We are honest and straightforward with our clients, even when it feels uncomfortable. When offering advice, we share not only our recommendations but also our reservations. We handle our client’s matters with the upmost confidentiality and discretion.

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